Sports bras have been used by women’s soccer players for many years. However, there has been an increase in their use in recent years. Sports bras are not necessary for the most fit athletes, but they do make it easier to be able to perform at their best.

Sports bras are being used by men to measure their performance and gather data. This piece of wearable tech is made by a few companies. It can be used to help with everything from injury prevention and strategy for teams. These sports bras can be worn by women, and they come with both tech for tracking and support.

Tracking & Strategy

For a long time, teams have sought out ways to gather information about their players in order to gain an advantage. Wearing technology is one of the best ways to accomplish this. It is difficult to conceal technology in a physical game. Some have tried to use watches or other devices during practice, but it is too risky when players are trying to take control of the game.

These monitors are superior in every way. These products can track up to 10 Hertz instead of just 1 Hertz like a GPS watch. This gives teams the ability to track players more accurately and understand where they are at any given moment, whether it’s during practice or matches.

Health & Fitness

A fitness watch is a basic piece of equipment that a person can use to monitor their health and track things such as calories burned, heart rate, etc. The monitors look similar to sports bras, but can do much more. This is crucial for soccer players at all levels. It allows teams and players to track their fitness, such as fatigue and coming back from injuries, and many other things.

Soccer teams strive to be the best at their highest levels. There is a good chance that teams will have to play multiple matches per week during a busy season. This makes it difficult to decide who plays and who doesn’t. They can track the health and fitness of players to see who should be included in the lineup.

This information can also be used by medical staff to determine if a player can return to play following an injury. This eliminates a lot of guesswork and forces players to be honest. Players used to make up their feelings and perform in the past. But now, there are actual data that teams can use.

Are These Sports Bra Monitors Comfortable?

These monitors have been adopted by both men and women soccer players over the past few years. They would only be accepted if they weren’t a hindrance to the sport. Because the bras are so light, the brands can distribute a lot of technology. It fits almost like an undershirt and covers only a portion of the chest.

Some players even enjoy wearing it as a way of preventing another problem. Athletes can experience nipple-chaffing in certain circumstances that can be quite painful. These monitors allow men to wear less clothing underneath their jerseys.

How the Sports Bras in Soccer Got Started

1999 saw the unveiling of the most iconic sports bra in sports history. Brandi Chastain was a star player for the USA women’s soccer team and scored the winning goal in the World Cup to bring home the trophy. She celebrated by removing her shirt and showing off her sports bra.

Although it made headlines, it was more about being a unique celebration than anything. Although she wasn’t the first to sport a bra, it helped bring them into the spotlight. Many claim that she brought attention to sports bras, increasing sales, and giving money to companies to invest in better technology.

Sports bras for women today are lighter and more supportive than ever. This is a big step forward in the right direction. A tracking device is not bulky and some companies offer an all-in one option. This allows women to wear what looks like a sports bra and collect all data.

Future Sports Tracking Technology

As sports technology evolves, it will be fascinating to see how long bras can remain the best option. It is innovative in many ways, but there are still some athletes who don’t fully embrace it. Although it doesn’t seem like there is much room to trim extra bulk, technology may be available elsewhere.

These monitors will be used by individual athletes as well as teams for the foreseeable future. These monitors are an upgrade to the traditional fitness watch. The leading companies push each other to improve and make it more comfortable.